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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Balkan Ice Hockey Union

   Romania and eight other Balkan states, with the support of International Ice Hockey Federation, founded Balkan Ice Hockey Union, the regional body that will have as main goal the development of hockey in this region of Europe. Read on to find out more! source:

   The initiative belonged to the federation officials in Romania, Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina, who first met in April last year for a regional development program. The first discussion was attended by representatives of associations from Romania, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Bulgaria and TurkeyStructure and objectives of the Union were presented by the International Ice Hockey Federation, who came up with the proposed extension of this regional program, so this platform was joined three other countries: Croatia, Slovenia and Greece.

International Ice Hockey Federation appreciated the usefulness of this program and sent one of its representatives to talk, Ernest Aljancic, member of the IIHF, which, ultimately, the Balkans and was elected president of Ice Hockey, with headquarters in Sarajevo.

The Balkan Ice Hockey Union has been designed and structured for a period of five years, the main objectives being:

- Promotion of ice hockey in the region;
Promotion and development of children at hockey;
Joint organization of competitions;
- Organizing training camps central;
- Development of technical training by attending seminars to coaches, referees and other officials;
- Development of the relations with the Center of Excellence from Vierumaki
- Develop a marketing program for the region- Cooperation among members

All activities organized by the Balkan Union Ice Hockey Federation will be co-financed by the International Ice Hockey

The first part of the season 2011-2012, provides for the organization in Sarajevo, a camp for the Under 16 national team, which will be led by instructors sent by the international organization. In this field, will attend five players (four + a goalkeeper) with a coach.

In September, Serbia will hold the Nationals Challenge Cup Under 16 World Championship competition organized on the model, the participating teams will be divided into two value groups, according to rankings.
Each team shall be composed of 15 players, two goalies, five officials and an arbitrator being accepted and the proposal that the group should be included more than three players and a goalkeeper in the Under 17. During this competition, IIHF instructors will design a training program specifically for goalkeepers, referees and officials.

 The following editions of Challenge U16 Cup will be organized by Turkey (2012), Croatia (2013) and Romania (2014). Under discussion in 2015 will be held for teams Under 20 Challenge Cup, which will be hosted by Greece. 
At club level teams will be organized two regional leagues: Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Bosnia Herzegovina, in a league, Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece, in the other league. For the moment, Romania will not evolve in any of the two leagues, given that our country has a competition in partnership with Hungary.

 Representatives of the world court decided to send letters of support from officials of each Member State (the Government Olympic Committee, Ministry of Sports) will highlight the importance of developing the sport, and support for this discipline.

So what do you think guys? Is this a good idea, a good initiative? Write your opinion if you have one!